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Cleaning your mobile computers and barcodescanners

Edwin van Wingerden
Edwin van Wingerden Systems Engineer

During this Corona pandemic it is important to take extra (hygiene) measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Of course, washing your hands is important, but cleaning mobile computers, tablets, printers and scanners also contributes to the prevention of further spread of bacteria. After all, these devices are touched by different hands throughout the day.

How do you disinfect your devices?

The most important thing to keep in mind when implementing a cleaning protocol is that disinfection guidelines vary by device. Zebra Technologies has established guidelines for all of their devices, which can be viewed here.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Switch off your device and/or remove the plug from the socket (recommended)
  • Do not spray disinfectants directly on the device
  • Clean all parts of the device, including cradles and cables
  • Let the device dry before use
  • Only clean your device with agents approved by the manufacturer

More information about cleaning mobile devices?

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