Site Survey

A Site Survey is a professional measurement for optimal coverage of your wireless network. We distinguish three different methods here.

An optimal functioning Wi-Fi network

Are you looking for a new wireless network? Or are you experiencing problems with your existing WLAN? Then have a professional measurement performed by Indicium and receive appropriate advice for an optimally functioning network.

Bring-Your-Own-Device, IoT and Guest Access are developments that ensure that increasingly higher demands are made on a Wi-Fi network. Whatever your requirements or how difficult your environment is, Indicium listens to your needs and guarantees the best Wi-Fi coverage.

Wireless Site Survey

A wireless network with good coverage and sufficient capacity starts with a thorough Site Survey. This can be a design on paper or a professional measurement on location. Using specialized software tools, we calculate the number and type of access points required for reliable coverage and determine the exact position. Factors that influence the signal, such as walls, racks and ceilings, are taken into account. Based on the measurement, we determine the ideal positioning, broadcast value and channel selection for optimal coverage of the WLAN.

In addition, a Site Survey can be used to identify problems with an existing network. Depending on the situation, we offer different Site Survey options, namely:

  • Predictive Site Survey
    Design on paper, no existing network
  • Active Site Survey
    On-site measurement, no existing network
  • Post Site Survey
    On-site measurement, existing network available

Spectrum Analysis

A Spectrum Analysis is an advanced measurement in which we map the radio spectrum (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). We look at all sources of interference that cause interference on the channels that the access points use. Think of other Wi-Fi networks, a microwave or security cameras.

Based on the Spectrum Analysis, we determine which Wi-Fi channel and power settings are required for an optimal arrangement of the radio spectrum. After the measurement, you will receive an advisory report with recommendations.

  • Professional survey
  • Certified engineers
  • Understanding sources of interference
  • Guaranteed optimal coverage
  • Extensice reporting

Predictive Site Survey

We carry out a Predictive Site Survey when it is not possible to perform the measurement on-site, for example in the case of new construction. Based on the floor plans, we make a professional design and determine the positioning of the APs. The advantage is that the cabling can still be installed during construction, before scaffolding has been erected, for example.


Active Site Survey

If there is no existing wireless network, we perform an Active Site Survey. With this professional measurement on location, we determine the ideal number of access points, the positioning and the configuration for an optimally functioning WLAN. We take into account factors that influence the signal, such as walls, racks and ceilings. Our extensive report will be the starting point for the new network and cabling.


Post Site Survey

After the implementation of a wireless network, we can carry out a Post Site Survey. We check whether the access points are installed correctly and whether the network achieves the targets set in terms of performance and coverage. If factors in the environment that influence the network have changed, we may advise adjusting the positioning and/or configuration at certain points.

Always and everywhere guaranteed connection


Are you having problems with your Wi-Fi network? Indicium’s network specialists have the knowledge and tools to determine the cause of these problems. If possible, we will solve the Wi-Fi problems for you immediately.

In addition, you will receive an extensive report with our findings and we will give advice on how to improve the performance, coverage and security of the wireless network.

4G LTE Site Survey

If installing a Wi-Fi network is not an option, you can opt for a solution that uses the 4G network. Indicium can perform an on-site measurement for you to determine which provider has the best coverage in your area. When this varies greatly, a roaming SIM card, which switches between the three major providers, is a possibility. We also recommend this solution for business-critical processes where downtime should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Interested in a site survey?

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