Barcode Scanners

Barcodes are used widely nowadays. Logical, because using a barcode has many advantages. It makes it easy to register and trace products.

Why barcode scanning?

Barcodes are used widely nowadays. This method of registration is frequently used in the logistics industry, but the barcode can also be found more and more in other sectors.

This is easily explained by the many advantages that the use of a barcode entails. Logistical actions are easy to register in this way, products can be easily traced, people can work more efficiently and fewer mistakes are made.

Barcode scanners

Indicium has a wide range of barcode scanners. We can supply a suitable scanner for every application and for every industry.

In addition to mobile computers with an integrated barcode scanner, we also supply simple barcode scanners without computing power. These can be wired or connected to a mobile or fixed computer via Bluetooth. Examples of this are hand scanners and ring scanners, but also fixed mount scanners for a cash register system.

  • Easy registration
  • Traceability
  • Reduction or errors
  • Increased productivity
Barcode scanners

Hand scanners

Indicium has a wide range of barcode scanners from different brands, including ‘general purpose’ hand scanners. These compact handheld scanners are easy to use and can be used for the most diverse applications in different industries. The general purpose barcode scanners are available with a 1D and/or 2D scanning engine and can be connected to a computer wired or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Barcode scanners

Rugged scanners

In harsher environments, such as warehouses and production environments, robust equipment is required. For these environments, we supply barcode scanners with a sturdy housing, which can withstand a significant impact or fall. The robust scanners are available with different scanning engines, for both short and long distance scanning. In addition, the robust scanners are available in a wired or wireless Bluetooth version.

Barcode scanners

Wearable scanners

An alternative to the traditional barcode scanner is a wearable. In that case, the scanner is carried on the hand, like a ring scanner. The employee then has their hands free for other activities, which can be efficient and time-saving. New are the scanning gloves from ProGlove, where the scanner is not worn on the finger, but on the back of the hand. The ProGlove is available with or without a display and there is also a lot of choice in terms of accessories.

We are happy to give you fairly accurate advice


Our experienced account managers can give you appropriate advice on which scanner is most suitable for your application and which fits best in your environment.

Indicium is brand independent and cooperates with several leading manufacturers. We are a full business partner of Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic, ProGlove and Unitech.

No barcode on your product yet?

Indicium also supplies label printers, labels and supplies with which you can provide your products with a barcode yourself.

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Barcode scanners

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