Software development

Indicium can develop custom software solutions for automating specific business processes

Software development

As a system integrator, we know better than anyone that logistics business processes are sometimes difficult to automate with standard software. Customized software offers the solution for such specific issues. Indicium develops custom applications that connect seamlessly to your logistics business processes and integrate them with the mobile hardware.


When you use multiple systems and want to link them, a middleware application is the solution. Indicium has an already developed middleware platform, consisting of various logistic and administrative modules. The middleware also offers the possibility to control hand terminals, label printers and other industrial equipment such as scales and PLCs. Our middleware is easy to link with other systems and office environments.

The middleware is easy to develop and implement in your environment.

Custom applications

Indicium develops (web) applications for automating logistics business processes. Because it concerns customization, the software fits seamlessly into your processes and there are no restrictions. We have extensive experience with integrations between different business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Exact Online, SAP and Oracle. All your wishes and needs can be processed in the application. In addition, our custom software is scalable and can continue to grow and change with your organization.

Where possible, we use building blocks/modules from our existing Opt1mus and OrdinO solutions when developing custom applications. This way we can keep the costs of custom software low.

  • Experienced developers
  • Links to external systems
  • Database integration
  • Planned approach
Existing Software Solutions


Opt1mus is a modular Warehouse Management System (WMS), developed by Indicium. This software package consists of different modules that can be used separately. All modules can also be adapted to your wishes and requirements, which makes Opt1mus a good basis for a customized solution.

Existing Software Solutions


One of the software systems that Indicium has already developed is OrdinO. With this modular software package it is possible to link your business system (eg SAP, Exact, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle) to a mobile application. Suitable for representatives or deliverers and can be customized to your wishes.

existing Software solutions


TicketControl is a ticket control system, developed by Indicium. With TicketControl, sold tickets can be checked online and in real time at the location of the event. TicketControl is suitable for events of 500 – 100,000 visitors and can be linked to almost any e-ticketing sales system.

Seamless connecting software

Our approach

We start a software development process with an extensive analysis. Once we have mapped out the entire process and all requirements are clear, we make a functional design for approval. Based on the functional design, a start is made with the development, in which the customer is closely involved. Then there is a test phase, in which our helpdesk offers the necessary support until you are completely satisfied. Any adjustments will be made

and if desired, the software can be further developed in subsequent phases.

Modular construction

The software we develop is modular. This means that additional modules/functionalities can be added to the software later and that it is possible to continue developing on the existing software. In this way we offer a smart, flexible and scalable solution.

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