Fixed Networks (LAN)

The foundation of your company network, we set it up efficiently and safely for you.

The foundation of your business network

A stable and secure network is indispensable in every organization these days. The increasing use of security cameras, telephones, access points and workstations places increasing demands on the network.

As an experienced network supplier, Indicium can help you with this challenge. With over 20 years of experience, we have the know-how to create an efficient, secure and scalable network that meets today’s requirements.


LAN switches link network devices together and handle traffic flows within the network. Contemporary developments such as BYOD and Wi-Fi 6 require ever higher bandwidth. The switches we supply provide control over all traffic flows and access to the network.

When you use older switches, you may run into limitations. Indicium is happy to think along with you about the future-proofing of your network and can advise you on this.


Routers connect different networks with each other. For example, a router acts as a bridge between your company network and the Internet. They analyze the data sent over the network and protect your network from outside risks.
Indicium supplies routers with various functionalities such as VPN and Firewall. Which router is suitable for your organization depends on your wishes and requirements.

Independent advice

Indicium is an independent supplier and has extensive experience with various brands including Cisco, Meraki, Extreme Networks (f. Zebra, Motorola and Aerohive). If you are looking for a professional company network, we will discuss the various options with you and provide appropriate advice.

Network design

Based on your wishes and requirements, our engineers make a design for the fixed network. The High Level Design shows the structure of the network in a diagram. The components are elaborated in detail in the Low Level Design that follows. Read more about network design here.

  • Certified engineers
  • Custom advice
  • Secure and stable LAN
  • Central management
  • Flexible, scalable solutions


Indicium supplies a wide range of switches from the leading manufacturers Cisco, Meraki and Extreme Networks. The switches we supply support the latest standards and functions such as Multi Gigabit Ethernet. Depending on your needs, we recommend the type of switch, the number of ports and PoE or non-PoE.



Indicium supplies a wide range of routers from the leading manufacturers Cisco, Meraki and Extreme Networks. The routers we supply support various functionalities, including VPN and Firewall. Depending on your requirements and wishes, we recommend a suitable router that fits into your company network.

Your netwerk up & running, 24/7


Managing complex ICT infrastructures is a responsible task. It is possible that your own network administrators encounter problems and do not have the necessary knowledge or experience to solve them. In that case, Indicium can offer support in the form of third-line support. We will then manage your infrastructure together with your own IT staff. The contracts we offer are during office hours, at adjusted times or 24/7.


Of course you can also use our services without a maintenance contract. You can report malfunctions to our helpdesk via the button below.
You will then be contacted as soon as possible by one of our engineers.


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