Network design

Are you going to build a new (wireless) network or expand your existing infrastructure? Our engineers will help you set this up as optimally as possible.

Fast, secure and reliable network access

The ICT infrastructure is an essential part of any organization. The network gives employees access to information systems and important data within the business processes. A stable and secure company network is therefore necessary. Our specialists take care of the complete setup of your network, so that you can use a secure WAN/LAN/WLAN environment without any worries.


The basis for the network design is the analysis. Our specialists will talk to you to determine the preconditions for the new network.

We map out your requirements and wishes, as well as any limitations and restrictions. The goals of the new network are also determined. In addition, during this analysis phase, we carry out a Site Survey or an inventory of the existing network.


After mapping out the preconditions, the design follows. Based on the analysis, we make a capacity calculation and a plan for the future network.

High-level design

The plan for the new network starts with a High Level Design. In this, we translate the wishes and requirements into a global design, in which the most important components and data flows are displayed in an architecture diagram. A global estimate of the investment can also be made on the basis of this High Level Design.

Low level design
The Low Level Design is a detailed elaboration of the High Level Design. This shows how the network is structured and how the functional requirements are fulfilled. The network is implemented on the basis of this document.

  • Certified networkengineers
  • Wide experience
  • Project-based approach
  • Optimal network layout
Business case MAMMOET

Global wireless design

Indicium has implemented a wireless network worldwide for transport company Mammoet. Curious how we approached this? Read more in our business case.


Your network is our business


To ensure that the roll-out of the network runs smoothly, we make an implementation plan. In this, all important activities and moments for a successful implementation are recorded in mutual consultation.

Delivery and aftercare

The delivery of the new network takes place on the basis of the implementation plan. You will of course be closely involved in this. During the go-live, our employees are available to provide the necessary aftercare. We answer all your questions and resolve any issues when they arise.

Need help with a network design?

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