Indicium offers a wide range of label printers and labels with which you can provide your products with a barcode label.

Printing labels with a barcode

Scanning a product starts with a barcode. A product cannot be registered without this unique code. To be able to label your products with a barcode yourself, you need a label printer and labels.

Label printers

Indicium supplies a wide range of label printers. We can offer a suitable solution for every application and environment. We are brand independent and offer industrial label printers, desktop label printers and mobile label printers from different manufacturers. Some of the brands we work with are Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Sato, Epson and Toshiba.

Whether it concerns the daily printing of large numbers of SSCC (GS1) labels, just a few shipping labels or the printing of wristbands for patients in hospitals, we offer a suitable solution for every printing issue. Our account managers are happy to provide you with free advice.

Printer maintenance

You can also contact Indicium for maintenance on your label printer. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot your label printer or perform annual preventive maintenance to prevent malfunctions. We carefully check the label printer, thoroughly clean the label printer and check the print head and other parts for wear. If necessary, we replace the worn parts. Preventive maintenance can significantly extend the life of your label printer.


Designing the labels, importing data from a database and controlling the label printer is done with label software. We offer various software packages, including Zebra Designer, Bartender and NiceLabel.

Download a free trial of the Bartender software here.

  • High quality hardware
  • Custom advice
  • Integration with underlying systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Certified employees

Industrial labelprinters

With an industrial label printer, you can effortlessly print large numbers of labels in harsh environments. The industrial label printers are robust and the parts are partly or completely made of metal, so that wear and tear occurs less quickly. Large rolls of labels also fit in, so a roll needs to be changed less often than with a desktop label printer.


Desktop labelprinters

Desktop label printers are user-friendly and compact label printers for use in less harsh environments. The compact size makes these printers very suitable for placing on a desk, packing table or counter. Desktop label printers are ideal for printing your everyday product labels or shipping labels.


Mobile labelprinters

When you want the flexibility to print a label wherever you want, a mobile printer is the solution. Indicium offers a wide range of robust mobile label printers. These label printers are wirelessly linked via WLAN or Bluetooth. The printer is easy to carry or mount on a forklift.


PVC cardprinters

In addition to label printers, Indicium also offers solutions for printing PVC cards. With our card printers you can print loyalty cards, employee cards, badges and membership cards yourself. The cards are available in different thicknesses, with or without NFC chip and magnetic strip. In addition, we supply ‘Food Safe’ cards, which meet all safety requirements and standards to be used as price cards in the catering industry.

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Label Printer Management

Managing label printers can be a time consuming task. Especially when it comes to large numbers of label printers or if they are spread over several locations, anywhere in the world.

A Printer Management tool offers you the possibility to easily manage all your label printers remotely. This allows you to identify and fix problems, roll out updates, change settings and adjust user rights.

Labels & supplies

In addition to the hardware, Indicium is also a specialist in the field of labels & supplies. We know that selecting a label can be a big challenge and can help you with any issue.

In collaboration with various manufacturers, we can supply a suitable label for every application. Whether it’s shipping labels, product labels, crate cards or location labels. For more information, please visit our Labels & Supplies page.


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