Mobiele computers

Indicium supplies robust mobile computers for automating logistics processes. This allows flexible wireless working, which is just as efficient.

What are mobile computers?

Mobile computers are often used to automate logistics processes. These mobile computers allow flexible working, which leads to higher productivity and a reduction in errors.

The hardware

Indicium supplies robust hardware that is suitable for use in retail, warehouse, logistics, healthcare and production environments. Our advisers will work with you to determine which device is most suitable for your application. For example, we supply hand terminals, wrist terminals and forklift terminals.

Indicium is a brand independent supplier of mobile computers. We work closely with several leading manufacturers. For example, Indicium is a full business partner of Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, Datalogic, Advantech-DLoG, Panasonic and Unitech.

Configuration and integration

Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in configuring the equipment and the integration with various underlying systems.

When you purchase equipment from Indicium, we can take care of the configuration and integration for you. The equipment is then delivered ready for use and can be used immediately, without having to worry about the installation.


We recommend Mobile Device Management software for managing the mobile equipment. SOTI MobiControl is often used in combination with Android devices. This makes it easy to manage the installed base from one portal. This can be done from the cloud, locally or hosted by Indicium.

  • More flexibility
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduction of errors
  • Cost saving
Mobile computers

Handheld terminal

Handheld Computers are mobile computers, often PDA-shaped or with a so-called ‘pistol grip’, which you can operate with one hand. These mobile computers run on the Windows Mobile, Windows CE or Android platform. With the professional built-in barcode scanner, you can scan data that is processed directly in your (web) application. In addition, there are many options, including 4G option or special freezer models for cold stores.

Mobile computers

Wrist terminals

Wrist terminals are mobile computers that are worn on the wrist and are therefore also called wearables. An external barcode scanner, such as a ring scanner or the ProGlove, can be connected to the wrist terminal (wired or via Bluetooth). The advantage of a wearable is that the employee has his or her hands free for other activities. This can be very pleasant, especially when picking orders.

Mobile computers

Forklift terminals

Forklift terminals, also known as Vehicle Mount Computers, are robust computers that are mounted in a forklift. The tasks for the forklift driver are displayed on the forklift terminal and all actions can be registered immediately. Forklift terminals are available in different versions, for indoor and outdoor use, in cold stores and with different control systems.

Mobile computers

Enterprise Tablets

A large screen is required for some processes. For example, when there is little scanning and a lot of data is entered manually on the device. A robust enterprise tablet offers the solution. Thanks to the many accessories, tablets are nowadays easy to use on a forklift or as a PC. We supply tablets with various operating systems (Android, Windows), with 4G option or a built-in barcode scanner.

Contracts with comprehensive coverage for security and continuity


Although the hardware we offer is of high quality, we always recommend maintenance contracts to our customers. The maintenance contracts that we offer have extensive coverage including Comprehensive coverage (damage). In this way, all defects are repaired and you as a customer will never be faced with unexpected repair costs. After a repair, we ensure that the device is provided with the correct settings and image again, so that your device will be returned to use immediately and you do not have to worry about this.

Maintenance contract

  • Repair/replacement service
  • 3-year coverage with option to extend
  • 8×5 technical support
  • Repair within 7 days (ex. shipping)
  • Staging & commissioning after repair
  • Software updates
  • Repair rapport

Mobile Computers

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