Managing equipment is a complex and time-consuming task. Whether you keep this in your own hands or prefer to outsource it, Indicium offers the option that suits you.

Easy central management

Manage mobile computers

Managing mobile computers can be a time consuming task. Especially when it comes to large numbers of mobile computers or if they are spread over several locations.

With a Mobile Device Management tool you can easily manage all your mobile computers remotely. This gives you control over all your equipment from one overview, such as:

  • Rolling out software updates
  • Application upgrades
  • Changing settings (configuration)
  • User rights and security policy changes
  • Reports on the devices
  • View the user’s behavior
  • Tracking the location of the device
  • Service & remote support, also by Indicium

Wireless network management

Whether you want to manage your wireless network yourself or outsource the management, Indicium offers the option that suits you.

Own management
With our WLAN solutions you can easily manage your entire network from one central environment, locally or from the cloud. Our helpdesk is always at your disposal if you have any questions. We offer various maintenance contracts for support. In addition to the fact that you can use our helpdesk free of charge, you are entitled to updates for the network and we periodically carry out a health check.

Wireless-As-A-Service (WAAS)
If you prefer not to manage it yourself, you can opt for Wireless-As-A-Service. The management is then performed by Indicium, whereby we actively monitor the network and keep it up-to-date. This way you always have an optimally functioning network and you are completely unburdened.

  • Smart management tools
  • Central management
  • End-to-end insight
  • Professional support
  • Efficient
  • Cost saving
EMM software

SOTI MobiControl

With SOTI MobiControl you can easily manage, secure and monitor all your devices from one overview. The software is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, macOS and Linux.

Netwerkbeheer software

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is one of the market leaders in cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions. The Meraki dashboard offers extensive tools for visibility, analytics, security and troubleshooting.

Netwerkbeheer software


ExtremeCloudIQ is an end-to-end Network Management application from Extreme Networks. With this innovative software you can easily manage your entire infrastructure from the cloud.

Powerful tools for easy management

Management fixed network

Own management
Managing complex ICT infrastructures is a responsible task. To do this properly, we offer various Network Management tools that allow you to manage your entire infrastructure, from the data center to the network edge. These Network Management tools give you control and insight into your entire fixed and wireless network from one portal.

Managed by Indicium
It is possible that your own network administrators encounter problems and do not have the necessary knowledge or experience to solve them. In that case, Indicium can offer support in the form of third-line support. We will then manage your infrastructure together with your own IT staff. The contracts we offer are during office hours, at adjusted times or 24/7.

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