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Fast and accurate stocktaking with RFID

Jody van Velthoven
Jody van Velthoven Inside Sales & Marketing

The rapidly growing e-commerce business, increasing costs and high consumer expectations, are putting retailers under pressure. Supply chain and logistics managers are challenged to improve the business performance.

With the new RFD40, Zebra Technologies is responding to the demand for modern technology to optimize processes. With this RFID scanner, time-consuming and error-prone processes can be performed many times faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

The Zebra RFD40 scans no less than 1300 tags per second within a distance of 6 meters. The RFID reader can be used in combination with selected Zebra mobile computers, third-party mobile phones or in batch mode. All premium models support Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3.

Possible applications are:

Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Trace Products
Route Accounting

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