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How Indicium automated logistics at Oegema

Dennis Wols
Dennis Wols Systems Engineer

Oegema Transport, an international transport company from Dedemsvaart, entered into a partnership with both WICS and Indicium in 2018. Oegema is one of the many customers that WICS supplies the Warehouse Management System and provides the hardware. On behalf of Oegema, Thijs van Bergeijk (Process Coordinator) and Mike Schluter (ICT Team Leader) talk about this collaboration.

“Focus on transport, but expanding to warehousing”

Fred van den Boogaard is a Business Consultant at WICS and took care of the implementation at Oegema Transport. He says about how the company from Dedemsvaart ended up at WICS: “Oegema is a large transporter and has decided to focus on warehousing in addition to focusing on transport. This happened because men wanted to meet the demand that arises from the transport customers.” Namen Indicium, Systems Engineer Dennis Wols is responsible for, among other things, the scanners within Oegema Transport and an innovative solution was applied there. The transporter was the first customer where Indicium ” has given the WICS scanning application a modern look”.

Expertise applications applied at Oegema

A major advantage of WICS, Thijs van Bergeijk points out, is WICS’ expertise: “WICS looked at us and with the expertise of other customers, WICS indicated how the WMS was used by others.” Fred van den Boogaard adds: “We have already seen problems that Oegema encounters for the first time. In a different context and in a different way, but we are familiar with it. And we would like to help there.”

Choice WICS & Indicium

Finally, Thijs van Bergeijk explains the choice of software and hardware supplier. “We have a fairly broad and variable logistics process, and within WICS and we can have all of this. They can exactly meet our customer requirements.”

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