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Reduce mobile device downtime with SOTI XSight

Thomas Kampman
Thomas Kampman Inside Sales

SOTI introduces SOTI XSight. With this new tool you limit device downtime to a minimum. When devices in the field fail, SOTI XSight gets them up and running quickly and on the first call. SOTI XSight is a powerful addition to SOTI MobiControl.

Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, SOTI XSight extends your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to gain deeper insights and more control over your devices in the field. SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl and enables fast resolution of problems with apps and mobile devices. By leveraging advanced diagnostics and analytics, IT administrators can improve performance and lower operating costs for mission-critical mobile operations.

“As the amount of mobile devices grows and complexity increases, so do the number of mobile issues that impact employee performance, productivity and customer satisfaction. Organizations can’t see or physically hold devices remotely to find out what the issues are. As a result, they do not fully understand what is causing the downtime,” said Carl Rodrigues, SOTI President and CEO. “We created SOTI XSight to fill this gap. By combining advanced diagnostic capabilities with powerful analytical insights to answer the question ‘why’ there is a problem and ‘how’ we can solve it. Successful companies need devices and apps that simply work.”

The main functions of SOTI XSight

• Operational intelligence: Minimize downtime and keep the business running smoothly

• Advanced Diagnostics: A comprehensive set of troubleshooting tools to minimize device downtime

• Automated Monitoring: Identify issues before they happen with proactive notifications

• Incident management: Real-time insight into problems

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