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The new QBIC Solutions warehouse trolleys

Jody van Velthoven
Jody van Velthoven Inside Sales & Marketing

A mobile workstation has become indispensable in distribution and logistics companies. The Qbic Warehouse Trolley is an extension of the employees on the work floor and helps to increase efficiency. Whether it concerns order picking, inbound and outbound goods, quality control or stock counts.

The new QBIC trolley

The second generation of the QBIC Warehouse Trolley has been specially developed for even more flexible working. Due to the new design, this trolley can be built modularly according to the customer’s wishes. The trolley can easily be expanded with practical accessories to save more time in the warehouse. Think of extra worktops, a printer drawer for easy changing of print rolls and a drawer under the worktop for tape and pens, for example. The trolley is standard equipped with 160mm swivel and fixed wheels, making the trolley more stable on uneven surfaces and manoeuvrable.

  • 2 x 230V connection IP54
  • Dimensions (lxwxh) 525x556x1140mm
  • Dimensions worktop 520x556mm
  • Dimensions bottom sheet 518x556mm
  • Wheels 160mm
  • Color RAL7046 (from 5 pieces for free in your own corporate color)

The different series

The new QBIC trolley is available in different series, depending on your use.

Basic series
The Basic series of the QBIC Trolley is suitable for light use or incidental work such as stock counting, quality control.

Longlife series
The LongLife series of the QBIC Trolley is characterized by the durable equipment and therefore has a very long life. Depending on the configuration, it can also be used for several shifts per day.

Polymath series
The Polymath series of the QBIC Trolley is for heavy and intensive use. Such as the in- & outbound of the flow of goods. It comes standard with a heavy inverter. This makes it suitable for most A4 printers.

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