Case study: Securitas

Securitas equips guards with Zebra TC75

Leading security firm equips guards with robust, realiable Zebra touch computers.

Zebra Touch Computers improved guard safety, patrol flexibility and productivity at Securitas

Securitas is one of the largest security companies in the world. Headquartered in Sweden, the group has 335,000 employees in 53 countries and had a turnover of over 88 billion krona in 2016. Securitas opened its first offices in the Netherlands in 2000, with the acquisition of B&M Beveiliging & Alarmering B.V. It now has 6,700 employees in the Netherlands and had a turnover of 314 million euro in 2016.


Securitas has been working with Zebra partner Indicium B.V. since 2008. Indicium B.V. is a small, flexible company specialising in Mobile Enterprise Solutions, specifically automatic identification, data capture, wireless networks and bespoke software.
Securitas approached Indicium to update its fleet of Zebra MC75s, deployed in 2011, to the latest ruggedised touch computer with an integrated barcode reader; it needed an Android device, as the new group application, Securitas Mobile Platform (SMP), is based on an Android operating system. Having worked with Zebra mobile computers, Securitas wanted to continue to use handhelds from Zebra.

Indicium recommended the latest Zebra TC75 Touch Computers. Guards trialled the devices and their feedback was excellent.


All beat patrol guards now use the TC75s on their rounds. To begin guards register themselves for duty with their dispatch centre via the TC75 and, in doing so, receive their patrol schedule for that shift. Dispatch can follow their progress via the integrated GPS and there is an automatic checkin every 15 minutes via SMP; both help ensure the safety of the patrols. On arrival at a location, guards can access job- specific instructions on the TC75 and follow the recommended route around the site, scanning barcodes as they proceed with the integrated barcode scanner to show they have visited and checked that location; these scans are date and time stamped and form part of the customer reports, along with any comments added into the job forms on the SMP. Moreover, the guard can take photos of anything unusual or when there is an incident. Once the inspection is complete, the guard can close that assignment and proceed to the next job on his schedule, using the route optimisation tool.

Project highlights

“The TC75 is reliable, secure and
as easy to use as a smartphone”


Jeroen van Haastrecht
Business Development Manager, Securitas

Should the dispatch team receive an alarm, the system will automatically send an alarm to all patrols in the area; each patrol will give an ETA and the team with the shortest ETA will be dispatched to the alarm site. They receive information such as where keys are located and can then report back on the cause of the alarm or call for back-up. Guards use the TC75s for individual calling and Securitas is looking to install Push to-Talk in the future. Guards can also hit a button that is programmed as a panic alarm, which is sent with a priority SMS to the dispatch centre, so it can respond accordingly. The team leaders can manage and update the patrol route during the rounds. Guards charge their TC75s either at the branch office or via Zebra in-car chargers, which are directly connected to their vehicle’s battery via a custom cable developed by Indicium especially for this project. However, some devices remain on-site at large customers, such as university campuses. The TC75s are protected by the 3-year essential Zebra OneCare package – in case of damaged and faulty devices. Indicium holds a pool of 15 spare TC75s for Securitas for direct immediate replacement, if need be.

All the mobile data that is collected via the TC75s is linked into Securitas’ back office GRS – Guard Reporting System – via a Precom server. The SMP also generates customised trends and analytics reports.

Finally Indicium installed AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management, so the Securitas IT team can manage all the guards’ devices from its global HQ in Sweden; the TC75s can be remotely configured, updated and secured, with updates being pushed out every 15 minutes.


The TC75s are supported by Securitas’ European
Platform team and recommended group-wide as
the future-proof rugged, Android device of choice;
the Belgium branch of Securitas has now also just started using Zebra touch computers. User feedback continues to be excellent. The solution is delivering numerous benefits including a 10% decrease in alarm response times, increased patrol flexibility and guard productivity. Moreover, guard safety and security have been improved. The reliability of the devices, and the subsequent reduction in repairs and device downtime, combined with the operational continuity ensured by Zebra OneCare, increases efficiency and has improved levels of service to Securitas’ customers. This, in turn, leads to high levels of repeat and new business and a rapid ROI.

Video Case

Securitas again chooses Indicium and Zebra to replace all of Securitas Mobile’s PDAs. After years of using the Zebra MC75, all mobile invigilators are now equipped with the Zebra TC75. It was important to Securitas that the invigilators were not sent onto the road with multiple devices. With the Zebra TC75 you can. In this video you can see how the Zebra TC75 is used at Securitas.


The Zebra TC75 has been replaced by the TC77

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